La marque Must Al Shaqab

Must Al Shaqab brand was created by Hassan Baiga,
a French and Moroccan designer. He was inspired by the name of his Arabian horse.
How to promote oriental art and his love for horses Arabian?
The whole world admires Arabian horses, which represents power, beauty and elegance.
Those qualities, essentials, are combined to form the logo Must Al Shaqab.
Thanks its experience in fashion and urban designer brands, which are selling all around the world, Hassan Baiga launches his own luxury brand in its own manufacture. He draws new products, put them out to give each creation love and make its work the only one. The luxury Al Shaqab in Art objects is created. You can also find Perfumes, Clothing, Accessories, Dinnerware, Table, home object and more other products.
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For lovers of luxury.
Visionary and creator of fashion tomorrow.

Hassan Baiga

Hassan Baiga Al Shaqab
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